What to Text a Man to Get Him Interested

It can pay huge dividends to know what to text a man to get him interested if you're a girl looking for a serious relationship with a guy you really like!

What is the best or most effective way to text a man in this age of dating? There is no one right way to text a guy. Guidelines, yes, they exist. They can help to master texting.

what to text a man to get him interestedFirst, it is different to text your friends than it is to text guys. Women and men communicate in different ways.

The majority of men prefer the simple and direct communication style, while you and your girlfriends can happily create a literal novel together.

Learn About His Texting Habits

The length of your conversation should be synchronized with the type of texter. Be aware of the type of texter the man you want to attract is.

The Constant Texter

This guy texts frequently but not often enough. To arouse his curiosity, you should keep your text messages short and sweet.

You are constantly texting. Be mysterious. You don't have to reveal everything about yourself in one text.

Constant Emojis User

This is the type of guy who loves to use emojis every day. Don't be afraid to use Emojis in this situation

He will run with it. It will actually get closer to you. You can use them in a funny way and adapt them to suit your needs.

The Novelist One

Also known as the guy who enjoys long paragraphs. Although most guys don't like long conversations, there are some men who prefer longer texts.

You can text him for a bit more, but avoid giving unnecessary information.

You can learn how to intrigue him by getting to know his texting habits.

Now that you are familiar with the types of texters, it is time for these details:

But, it is important to learn from the mistakes. You should do what you feel is right.

Be Unique when Texting

Don't give false information about yourself.

Sometimes, we try to send text messages that seem interesting to the guy we are texting. You know deep down that this is not how A REAL YOU would send text messages.

Tell him about your interests, hobbies, passions, and what motivates you to dance or sing. Each person is unique. Faking it is very repelling for guys.

You will be tongue tied if you text someone and tell them you like basketball, but this comes up during your first date. This will be a major turnoff for him.

If you want to chat with him about basketball, then that's okay! You can surf the internet and learn all you want about basketball.

If you find it interesting, make it your passion! Don't be dishonest about it. Keep it honest and real.

Initiate Texting by Following these Steps:

Texting is for two. Therefore, it should be balanced when initiating and ending a conversation.

Texting with balance will allow him to move forward and impress you. You won't lose the strings.

You can be the one initiating the conversation. Know when to take control and when to pause. Take your time.

It will make him bitter if you are the one who initiates the conversation. He's a man, he wants to lead the conversation but doesn't have the space if he is doing it all the time.

Let him start the conversations if you were the one who started them.

Add Humor to Your Texts

Are you looking for a way to keep a guy interested in chatting with you?

Robin Scherbatsky once said, "I have to stop making jokes about emails." It's difficult to convey tone! Although we don't send emails to each other, you can still get the point.

You can send him funny texts. I recommend not stopping telling jokes. You should know when to use them and remember that he cannot hear you through text messages.

Avoid using sarcastic language. While texting, jokes and funny phrases may be misunderstood.

Particularly if you're talking to someone you met online. You might not be as familiar with his sense of humor/tone.

Balance Your Reply Time

Keep it engaging and fresh.

It's important to keep it fresh by creating an equilibrium where you know when and how to respond.

You might be thinking, "Why on earth would I follow this advice?" It strengthens your texting relationship, I promise. It will help you establish your "Texting Standards."

I would not recommend texting after 11pm if you are still in the early stages of dating/talking. It could be a mistaken message.

You will want to start a conversation with him by texting him.

He might feel "Booty Call" if you text him too late. You might convince him that texting late at night is fine.

Don't be a slow responder to messages. You can take your time, but you still need to reply when you can.

Many women believe that if they take too long to answer a man, it will make him curious. It doesn't work this way, I hate to say it.

He is a slow and dull replier, which frustrates him. He will then jump to other conversations immediately.

When Not to Text

Don't text if you are mad, emotional, or bored.

You should not text someone when you're not 100% sure. If you feel sick, emotional, mad or unwell, don't text immediately.

Texting can reflect your negative vibes. Although everyone is aware of the negative effects of bad days, texting during these phases will affect his interest in you.

Texting someone while bored can lead to boring conversations. You can discuss being mad or having a bad week with him.

Interesting Texts

It's important to keep your texts interesting. Let's not just text him without a reason.

You should understand why you are texting him once you have grabbed your phone.

Are you missing him and you need to tell him something? Or maybe you are just fixated on texting.

First, establish healthy texting habits. These habits will help you keep your boyfriend's attention and attract him to you.

Send him a text to express your appreciation. Be stylish.

Let him know you heard a song that reminded you of a conversation you had.

You can just send "Hi," or "Hey, how are you doing?" It might cause him to pick up his phone and see the message, but not respond. You should have a reason to text in order to avoid frustration and dullness on both sides.

You should set a goal. Why do you want him to text you? You will then have a plan that will allow you to text naturally.

Ask Him Questions

By all means ask him things, but don't apply "Machine Gun Texting" to your conversation!

Questions can be used to text safely to attract a man. However, it can become a problem if you suddenly start using repetitive and closed-ended question.

Ask questions to keep the conversation going. But, avoid Machine Gun Texting, also known as Shooting Generic Questions. This will lead to a one-sided conversation and lack of interest.

Once you have explained why you are messaging him, ask precise, funny, and simple questions.

Learn how to wait for his response and how to continue the text conversation. You can set a conversation style that is easy to follow and adapt.

Imagine that you sent him three questions, but all of them were the same.

"Hey, what did your day look like today?" "How did your day go?" "Anything funny you can learn from today?"

These questions can be difficult to answer if he is asked repeatedly and in a short time span. You can expect him to reply once he is ready so be patient.

Good Vibes

Texting is one of the best ways to transmit good vibes across the airwaves.

Guys don't like drama in life so be specific and avoid overloading him with unnecessary information.

Your day was good. However, he would love to know how it went. Keep it brief, positive, and short. Don't include details about how you dislike your colleague or what you felt about your boss.

You can tell him about your day's struggles, but it is fine to keep it light and fun. If you complain to him constantly over text, he will not know what to say.

You need to know how to end a conversation if you want to keep the texting fun going.

It is equally important to know how to end a conversation as how to start it. You are the one who has written the most in the past three to four conversations.

How do you do it? You can end it by making a positive comment about what he said, complimenting him, and telling him that you have to do something else.

Example: "Wow! That's so thoughtful of you!" I needed music to work, and I will continue, haha. Good night, talk to you tomorrow!

See? It was not your opinion on the song. He will still keep you in the loop by writing to you to find out if you like the song he sent.

You Need Advice

Once in a while, ask for his advice or opinion about something to make him feel needed.

Making the guy feel special is another way to keep the conversation interesting, because guys like to feel needed.

If you have any questions, ask him for his opinion. This will make him feel special, and it will keep the conversation going.

Ask him for his advice if your car breaks down. You will keep him interested, and you can continue your conversation.

You have had a long conversation with the guy, and you are comfortable with him. If you're now your boyfriend, you can text him to get his advice. If you are struggling to find your way, you might seek his guidance on any important decision.

This tip will improve your communication and relationships. It will allow you to keep the ball moving for a while.

The Waiting Game

Don't be impatient for him to reply to your last text message.

If he doesn't respond immediately to your text, don't wait and sit idle. Also, never text him every day to check if he has received your messages.

Instead, you can use the RADIO SILENCE method. It can also be used while texting with a man. This can help you to focus on yourself and reflect upon your texting habits.

You can keep your silence and calm. This will allow him to respond in his own time.

Keep your distance if he doesn’t respond for several days and then focus on the changes you need to your texting method.

Flirting Via Text

Last, but not least, flirting via text with your guy is a great way to keep the conversation interesting and more importantly to keep your man interested.

Flirting is something you are good at, so use it! You can send flirty messages to him and see if it's something he likes.

It will keep your texting exciting, sexy and fresh if he is. This will allow the conversation to flow naturally, with tension and chemistry.


Texting can be a great way to close the gap between you and the guy you are interested in forming a relationship with.

As long as you stay sensible and don't do crazy stuff to scare him off, you can actually lay the foundation for a great relationship that could stay the test of time when your texts are in harmony with one another.