Attract a Man: How to Attract a Guy You Like

If you're a single girl and you need some advice on how to attract a man that you like, here are some helpful tips on the best ways to attract the man you like!

How can you attract men without ever speaking to them? How do you show a guy that you really want to hook up with him? How can you show a man you are interested in him?

Well, I will answer all these questions and provide 7 traits that will draw a man to a woman. These are the attributes that will make you stand out in a man's eyes.

If you can master them, you will be hard-pressed to get his attention away from you.

how to attract a manOK, let's see how we can use our femininity to attract the man we love.

Men Are Attracted to Femininity

All it takes is showing him your femininity!

A woman who radiates femininity is always attractive to men.

That femininity is displayed in a woman's gestures, her eyes, her posture and how she touches her hair.

The clothes she wears to display her body beautifully, the perfume she uses and the jewelry that she wears are all examples of femininity.

However, while femininity can be obvious outwardly, it really comes from within.

It's all about gentleness, confidence and kindness. It shows in that soft look in the eye, a gracious smile, positivity and openness.

When he sees your femininity, the man you like will feel an immediate attraction towards you.

1. Be Gentle

We are used to be loud and announce our opinions clearly and with "my-idea-is-the-best" manner.

Although everyone may find it difficult to hear the opinions of others, the gentle woman is more open to listening and will express her views with greater care.

What is it that attracts men to gentle women?

She stands out because of her uniqueness. She seems almost unreal.

If he is looking for a long-term partnership, he will view this gentleness as an essential part of a happy and fulfilled life together.

You might try to draw him in by being loud and grabbing his attention. However, what you should really be doing is being kind to those around you.

2. Confidence

Confident women are aware of their own worth and what they can offer a man. She doesn't need a man to complete her life, but she does want a man. She is full of love and would love to share it with a special man.

This is the confidence I am referring to.

Few people understand the difference between believing in themselves and believing you are the greatest walking human being.

It is more appealing to value your individuality than any lipstick on the planet. To be happy with yourself and your inner self is what makes you attractive.

Confidence is your best friend when you are trying to attract men.

You are beautiful and unique. You must keep your head high and be proud of the achievements in your life. That part of you will be nurtured and loved by the right man.

To attract the man of your dreams, you must first remember that you are enough! Only one person is needed to create happiness: You!

Keep that in mind, honor it, embrace and respect it.

You're halfway there when you reach that point.

3. Looking Attractive

Your first impression is how you look. It's impossible to ignore that. Men are visual beings.

Make sure he see your attractiveness.

You should wear something that makes you look and feel beautiful and feminine. As long as it doesn’t expose too much of you to the outside world, of course.

Your visual appearance speaks louder than your words.

Don't fall into the trap of dressing too seductively. A man that you are trying to attract may take your look as you wanting nothing more than a one night stand, which could spell disaster for your long term plans!

If you're unsure what to wear to attract a man with a view to a long-term relationship, choose clothes that you'd happily recommend your little sister wear.

4. Happiness and Positivity

Do you often hear people tell you to be positive and happy in order to attract a nice man?

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to have to put on a happy face and fake confidence when you're not really feeling that way.

Yet appearing to be happy and positive do not necessarily require you to be jumping up and down and drumming up a host of followers wherever you go.

Here's an example of how this works:

Imagine you enter a bank to apply for a loan. There is the choice of two women sitting at different desks before you. The first looks at you with a pleasant smile. The second gives you a serious look that suggests something is wrong with the way you're dressed.

Which woman would you go to ask for that loan?

That scenario is much like the way most guys feel when they approach a girl to ask her out.

It can feel to them like they are in a strange and unfamiliar place, confronted by a women they've never met before. Men will be instantly attracted to a smile and a positive attitude.

If you adopt this approach, it will sow a man that you are open-minded and approachable. The chances of them getting a date are higher.

Try this technique next time the man you like looks at you:

As you look back at him, pause for a second, then slowly smile. The affect on him will be immediate. The signal you just gave him translates to, "I like you because you made me smile."

5. Find Things You Have in Common

You can create an instant bond with him by sharing your passions and finding things that you both have in common.

Your chances of a happy relationship increase if you share the same hobbies, books, or sports interests. He will subconsciously be attracted to your shared passions and nearly everything in your relationship will be determined by them.

Find out what he enjoys. If you find something that you like, start a conversation about it. This will give you a unique relationship and bring you closer to him.

6. Show Interest in Him

One of the best and quickest ways to create a connection with a guy is to talk to him about him!

People are naturally fascinated by themselves, being self-focused on their own likes and dislikes. It may come as no great surprise that we enjoy talking about ourselves and being the centre of attention.

For this reason, we are more likely to stay close to people who care about us by showing an interest in us.

You can make use of his ego by getting him talking about himself.

It's no secret that men believe that women just love to talk and talk and talk... and talk. This is perfectly fine when we're talking to each other, but things change when we're trying to attract a man to ask us out on a date.

If he can't get a word in edgewise, he'll quickly lose interest. The trick here is to talk about yourself when he asks you things, but to also return the question and stop to listen to what he says about himself.

You can make him feel that he likes you by using his self-admiration. It works all the time!

7. Be Irresistible

The last, but certainly not the least, way to attract your man is to make yourself irresistible to him.

There is a particular secret that you can use to tap into the mind of any man and make them happy.

This is a trick that has been in existence for years. You probably even used it unconsciously but forgot how powerful it was.

This secret will multiply your irresistibility to make you incredibly attractive to any man, and if you can master it, you can attract the man you want and he will be yours forever.

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Summary of How to Attract a Man You Like

So now you know the more important ways to attract a man that you like.

It's not really all that difficult when you stop and think about it. Here are the steps in summary:

Now get out there and get your man!

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