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Relationship expert and Sexologist Susan Wenzel helps answer some tough relationship-related questions from the audience. Catch full episode transcript in this article!

To start things off, let's look at some of the common problems that affect relationships and see how they can be avoided with some forethought and planning!

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Here's what's being said: I'm dr. Reece Malone, a certified sex therapist and sexuality educator. Communication is the key to any satisfying relationships. At times it can be difficult to convey your feelings and thoughts. So plan for chat time and frame it with enhancing your relationship.

Things to Think About

Is the what why in-house, so what exactly you're trying to convey and talk about. The whys about talking about your feelings and so the more that you talk about your feelings the more that you build compassion empathy. Not only from your partner but also for yourself as well as the house.

So while there may be overarching issues it's important to stay in the here and now and not conflate other issues that can be overwhelming and allow for space for processing feelings and thoughts because what you feel and think might you need a bit more time as well as for your partner.

So it's only fair with these skills to be able to communicate better with your partner more effectively which is transferable in all your relationships.